Our skilled staff are committed to helping our children achieve the very best they can.

Teachers and teaching assistants have high expectations of their pupils. This means that pupils work hard in lessons, have positive attitudes towards learning and subsequently make strong progress over time.

– Ofsted 2018

Teaching Staff

Mrs D Raftery Headteacher, Designated Senior Person for Child Protection
Miss P Bentley Deputy Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher
Miss J Clark Senior Teacher, Deputy DSP, Year 4 Teacher
Mrs I Chakma Year 5 Teacher
Mrs W Parnell Year 3 Teacher
Miss L Fisher Year 2 Teacher
Miss A Burrett Year 1 Teacher
Miss M Rios Reception Teacher
Miss C Scott PPA* Teacher 
Mrs E Fugle Maternity Leave
Mrs E Baker Maternity Leave
Mrs R Alger SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator – SEND, EAL), Deputy DSP
Mrs R Visegradi PPA* Teacher and Y1 Support Teacher
Mrs A Fenn PPA* Teacher and Specialist French Teacher
Ms R Draper Specialist Music Teacher

* PPA – by law all teachers must be given PPA or Planning, Preparation and Assessment time within the school day. We cover this time by using our own school staff, who are known to the children and who know our routines and practices.

Support Staff

Ms S Lemmon School Administrator
Mrs L Jordan School Administrator
Mrs S Wilson Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss J Goodwin Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Adams Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Visegradi Year 2 Teaching Assistant, PPA Teacher
Mrs J Hughes Year 2 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Steckiene Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Hamilton Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Garner Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mr A Woodward Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Clark Year 5 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs K Wardle Year 5 Teaching Assistant, Clerk to Governors
Mrs S Morgan Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Ahmed Year 6 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs R Begum Midday Supervisor
Mrs K Taylor Midday Supervisor, Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs R Alom Midday Supervisor
Mrs T Mahmoud Midday Supervisor
Mrs T Bangs Cleaner in Charge, Midday Supervisor, Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mr P Bangs Site Manager