Development Plan

School Development Plan

The school identifies priorities for school development each year and these are reviewed by school leaders and the governing body throughout the year.  In 2020/21 the school’s development plan was synonymous with the Catch-up Premium Plan.   In 2021/22, the school’s first priority continues to be to close gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the school’s development plan also includes the development of a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum.

2021/22 Objectives

  • To ensure the whole school curriculum intent and implementation fully meets the interests of all the children.
  • To continue to improve the teaching, learning and assessment in mathematics, with a particular emphasis on developing fluency across the school.
  • To continue to provide support for pupils who need to catch up due to the COVID-19 disruptions to schooling.
  • To improve attendance across the school, in particular that of vulnerable groups.

Here is an overview of the 2021/22 School Development Plan

If you would like to know how the school responded to the lockdown in March-July 2020, details can be found in this document.