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Welcome to Year 2
Year 2 Autumn 2019 Curriculum Letter 
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Welcome to Year Two

As the children move into Year 2 they are at the top of Key Stage 1 and take on the responsibility of modelling behaviour for the younger pupils. Children are encouraged to become more confident and independent learners, who are supportive and work collaboratively with their classmates.

We link areas of the curriculum by focusing on a theme which changes each term or half term. This supports the children in identifying the importance of their knowledge, not only in the specific subject, but across their experiences.

Children are encouraged to share their enjoyments and experiences outside of school during Show and Tell, which takes place every week. The children develop their speaking and listening skills, gaining greater confidence as a speaker. They are also encouraged to respond to the other children, ask questions and make observations.

P.E takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We ask that P.E. kits remain in school during the week and that children have suitable outdoor footwear.

Reading books are changed regularly.  The children are encouraged to read a book two or three times to gain a greater depth of understanding of the text.  Reading Record books are collected in on a Friday and those children who read more than three times in a week are given a Super Reader sticker.

Homework is based around preparing for or consolidating the children’s learning. The children will be given 5 spellings to learn on Monday for a test on Friday. These spellings are linked to the children’s Letters & Sounds sessions.  The children are also set nine homework tasks covering nine aspects of the curriculum.  In each area the children will have two or three different tasks to select from.  The children are given a term to complete these nine tasks. When they have completed a task they return their home learning scrapbook to school for these tasks to be stamped in their collector’s card.  Sometimes the class may be set longer pieces of homework e.g. over Christmas or Easter.

If you would like an opportunity to talk to me, to discuss any concerns you may have or to share any information on how your child is doing, I am available in the mornings or at the end of the day, please feel free to make an appointment.

Mrs Parnell