Reception Homework Grid – Summer 2023

Welcome to Reception

My aim is to make your child’s first year at school safe, happy and fulfilling.

We have fun, busy days in Reception focusing on giving your child a broad range of knowledge and progressive skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life. The children learn through play and exploration, using the environment both indoors and outdoors. The environment is continually changing and is adapted and enhanced to meet the needs and interests of the children. Supported by two teaching assistants, I plan adult-led activities and short carpet sessions, using the Development Matters Framework. We provide children with a wide range of enabling environments which are open ended for children to explore and develop how they wish; we call this Child Initiated Play.

Each child has a personal Learning Journal which will reflect your child’s personality and experiences. In it is a collection of notes, videos and photo observations. These are available for parents to look at through the ‘Learningbook’ app which enables your child to share what they are learning with family as well as the opportunity for you to add to at home so that we can form discussions around your weekends and home life at school.

If you have any questions or concerns during the year, please feel free to speak to me or make an appointment with the office.

Many thanks,

Mrs Milton

Reception Class Teacher