Home Learning

Homework can be very stressful for all involved – parents, children and teachers!  From the school’s point of view, homework has limited value. Some children complete their homework to a very high standard every week, whilst with others it is a battle to get them to complete their work to an acceptable standard, or indeed, at all. Some parents give such very high levels of support that it is difficult to see what the child achieved independently and some are able to give very little support. Research from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) suggests that the impact of primary school homework is limited.

We have identified four key elements that we believe will support your child’s learning:

  • Daily reading;
  • Fluency with number facts (times tables and number bonds);
  • Spelling practice using joined handwriting;
  • Life experiences.

We expect parents and carers to listen to their child reading every day, help them practise times tables and number bonds and support them in practising their spellings using the Write/Cover/Check method and by writing sentences.

However, we are also asking parents and carers to support their children by helping them to complete a series of challenges each term. Each child is given a collector’s card with nine curriculum/personal development areas. Each teacher gives the children a list of activities or experiences that they can complete over the term. When the task is complete they need to show the teacher evidence of this. This evidence may be a photograph, leaflet, presentation or simply talking to an adult about their experiences. Each child is given a scrapbook in which they can keep their ‘evidence’ for that year. Please see google classroom  for Home Learning Grids.

All teachers are willing to discuss the homework or other activities that can be done at home to support the children.

As part of their preparation for secondary school Year 6 are given some additional homework.

All children have reading record books which are to be completed daily when the children read at home.

In addition to this we offer our children a chance to extend their learning through the use of different internet sites. Links to the websites are on the leaflet below, usernames and passwords can be supplied by your class teacher or the school office.

Supporting Your Child’s Learning Using ICT