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Welcome to Year 6
Summer Curriculum Letter – Year 6
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Welcome to Year Six: The Final Frontier!

Six years of hard work, learning and fun have led your child to their final year at Windermere Primary School.  In Year 5, they will have already had a taste of some of the responsibilities that come with being at the top of the school. Now there are even greater opportunities to develop their organisation and leadership skills, such as playground buddies, lunchtime school office cover staff and house captains.

As the Year 6 teacher, I aim to create a happy and stimulating learning environment in which my class feel secure, confident and valued as individuals. It is very important to me to encourage and develop each child’s potential to the full and to help them acquire a love of learning that will last a lifetime.  I also encourage my class to treat everyone with respect and courtesy and show concern for the needs of others, fostering team work and community spirit. These values are reflected in our class agreement.

It is important that your child establishes routines that enable them to independently manage their school equipment and homework. They are expected to read daily, learn spellings and complete maths and literacy homework each week. Additional homework that is linked to the class’ topic may also be set. P.E. kits should be kept in school at all times during the week to enable us to make the most of any good weather!

With the important transition to secondary school not far away, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through the transition process.

I am looking forward to seeing you during parent consultations and if you would like to see me at other times, you are welcome to make an appointment at the school office.

Many thanks,
Mrs. L. Fugle