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Welcome to Year 5
Summer Curriculum Letter – Year 5
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Welcome to Year Five – the penultimate year!

In Year 5 we continue to develop ourselves as all round ‘learning leaders’. By making learning fun we are able to further develop our confidence, perseverance and resilience. In doing so we not only learn better, but also set a good example to others.

Learning is not the only thing we develop! Our responsibilities now reach beyond the classroom. We have monitor groups responsible for; setting up assemblies, running the music/sound system and ‘break-time buddies’ (a ‘buddy’ system set up to support children in KS1 during breaktimes).

As a whole school we teach and learn through a ‘creative curriculum’, linking subjects through common themes. In doing so, in Year 5, we become immersed in our learning and are increasingly aware of the cross curricular links that exist between the different subjects.

Homework is an important aspect of Year 5 as it not only consolidates the learning that takes place while we are at school, but also begins the transition process to secondary school by further instilling routines and a certain amount of discipline. In light of this, our weekly homework is as follows:

  • Spellings – set on Monday and tested on Friday.
  • Mathematics – set on Thursday and expected in on Monday, with an option of returning to the class teacher for guidance/advice on the Friday if unclear.
  • Literacy – set by Wednesday and expected in on Friday.
  • Reading should be done on a daily basis.

Creative homework is set on a fortnightly basis.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that games is on Tuesdays and PE on Fridays. Games takes place outside (as much as the ever changing climate will allow), so appropriate outdoor kit is required, and PE takes place indoors, so PE shorts and t-shirt are sufficient.

If you have any questions or concerns during the year, please feel free to speak to one of the Year 5 teachers before or after school, or contact the office to make an appointment.